Our Ficep 1101DZB Tandem Drill and Bandsaw CNC Drill Line system allows us to quickly and precisely process large quantities of I-Beam, Channel and even angle with CNC precision. Our cnc drill line accepts files from most cad/cam programs such as sds/2, autocad and more. These files can simply be imported into the Ficep 1101DZB CNC Drill Line and instantly begin fabrication.

CNC Drill Line

Columns that have many holes to drill can take a very long time and a lot of man hours. Using mag drills and other methods of drilling. The ficep 1101DZB is capable of drilling all standard steel fabrication holes sizes and drilling them fast!

CNC Band-Saw

With band-saw cutting capabilities of up to 40″ wide, there’s not much this machine can’t cut. Decking, Angle, beams, even bundle cut pipes are no problem for our Ficep.