Peddinghaus PCD-1100

CNC Drill Line
Our Peddinghaus PCD-1100 CNC Drill Line system allows us to quickly and precisely process large quantities of I-Beam, Channel and even angle with CNC precision.

new york structural steel cnc plasma punching

Peddinghaus FPB-1800

Plate Plasma Cutting / Hole Punching
Mid-Island steel uses a Peddinghaus FPB-1800 CNC Plasma Plate processing machine. This machine combines CNC precision with plasma cutting technology and a 3-die punching system.

new york structural steel plate press bending

Amada RG-200

Press Brake Forming
Our Amada RG-200 Press Brake is an up-action electro-hydraulic press capable of 200 tons of pressure to bend fittings or custom stairpans with ease.

new york structural steel fabrication ironworker

Geka Hydrocrop 165/S

Two Station Ironworker
Our Geka Ironworker has two hydraulic cylinders with two simultaneous work stations and five work stations. It punches and shears various types of steel.