Mid-Island Steel employs only American Welding Society welders. One of the main advantages of choosing Mid-Island Steel is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing our AWS Certified Welders will be fully equipped to handle all types of steel fabrication projects. AWS has strict standards welders have to follow for their certification. Even experience welders will sometimes have to take the certification exam multiple times before they pass it. Having AWS Certified Welder makes it easier for us to maintain high quality minimum standards and makes our quality control much easier to manage.

Many steel fabrication shops hire junior welders, or inexperienced welders and let them learn on smaller jobs. Sometimes the more experienced fabricators will lay out and “tack” weld the fittings in the correct locations and then allow the younger, lesser experienced welders to weld them in place. While this on the job training is great practice for the employee, it can be unsettling for the customer to know their structural steel is being welded together by an inexperienced welder. Inadequate welds can lead to weld failure, and this could be a big problem if a house or building is relying on that weld for support! If you’re looking for quality, safe and certified welds then contact Mid-Island Steel.

A properly fabricated steel structure or member can last for decades! So it pays to get it right the first time with certified welders. This is why hiring a professional metal fabrication facility with AWS Certified Welders for your welding services is a smart investment. If you are looking to hire a company with skilled welders, then contact Mid-Island Steel!


Long Island AWS Certified Welders