Mid-Island Steel is able to supply metal decking for your structural steel project. We’ve served Long Island New York with structural steel fabrication and steel supply for over 30 years. Steel deck material is a corrugated form of thin sheet metal used for flooring or roofing in commercial structures such as multi-story buildings. There is a wide variety of metal decking which can accommodate any construction projects you may have.

If you’re looking for steel roof deck, floor decks or even shallow form decking, we can supply what you need. Steel roof deck comes in a wide variety. There are several profiles which are typical such as B-Deck and N-Deck. The variety of depths and heights is what makes the different profiles better options for different projects.┬áMetal Roof Decking also comes in a variety of finishes. This includes primed, painted or you can purchase with a galvanized steel decking finish.

If you’re looking for steel floor deck, then you can contact us. We are able to provide B-Deck and also W3-Deck as floor decking options. If we don’t have on hand what you need, we can order standard floor deck profiles too.

If you’re on Long Island and need steel decking for your project, give Mid-Island Steel a call today. We’re always available to help discuss you steel fabrication needs.


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