What are Steel Flitch Plates and Beams?

Flat steel plates, typically with holes for bolts and screws are also known as flitch plates. A flitch plate, sometimes referred to as a flitch beam, is an internal structural member that runs across the width of a building or structure. It can be used in many different ways but it is most commonly found at the top level of a roof truss system. The main purpose of this type of plate is to provide support for rafters which run from one side of the building to another.

How are Steel Flitch Plates Used?

Steel Flitch Plates are typically purchased and then attached to one or more pieces of wood. This helps to add significant support strength to a longer, open area but still allow for other trades such as carpenters, electricians and drywall contractors to still be able to tie into wood for construction purposes.

Why are Steel Flitch Plates Advantageous?

There are many reasons why people choose to use steel flitch beams over other types of beams. One reason is strength. Steel Flitch Plates are able to withstand high loads without breaking down like most conventional beams do. These steel flitch beams are able to handle much higher weights than standard beams due to the fact that they are not only stronger but typically lighter too.

Steel Flitch Plates Near Me

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