Custom CNC Parts

Steel beam fittings are used to connect structural steel beams, columns and other steel members together. Steel connections make your steel structures strong and resistant to bending and buckling. But fabricating steel fittings can take a lot of time for smaller fabrication shops or owner operated fabricators. Do you want to decrease the amount of turnaround time it takes to complete your steel projects? Then you need to reduce the amount of prep work and get right down to welding and fabricating the actual members. This is where Mid-Island Steel and our plasma cut fittings can help!

Mid-Island Steel is able to produce tons of steel fittings with a few days turnaround time. Our Peddinghaus FPB-1800 plasma CNC plate punching machine can produce dozens of custom fittings, in different shapes, within hours. If we are provided CNC files or details, we can process steel from up to 1 1/4″ thick, punch holes up to 1 3/4″ and plasma cut any shapes you need.

When you order steel fittings from Mid-Island Steel, you’ll get CNC accurate parts every time. No more grinding or modifying pieces that were manually torch cut, measured wrong or are missing holes. The steel fittings we provide also come with scribed piecemarks for easy identification. Having your steel fittings produced by Mid-Island Steel significantly reduces your project lead time. You won’t have to spend several days or have multiple people fabricating your fittings, you’ll simply have to unwrap a pallet of sorted and marked fittings to install.

Steel fabrication takes a lot of time no matter the size of your company. Many fabricators on Long Island are taking advantage of having faster job turnaround time, decreased man hours and more accurate parts for their structural work. Would you like to have your fittings delivered so you can get to fabricating faster? Give Mid-Island Steel a call today!


Plasma Cut Parts

Plasma Cut Parts