Steel Channel can be used for many different applications in structural steel including structural members in buildings and bridges, as well as other industrial uses such as machinery parts or tools. Channel steel has many uses in steel structural projects such as bridge trusses, guard rails, railings and stair stringers.

Channel Steel comes in a variety of sizes that can accommodate large and small projects. From as little as 2 inches wide to as large as 18 inches or more, steel channel can be used to make frames, rafters, headers and just about any other structural member that is needed. The flange thickness and flange width determine the tensile strength that channel steel can achieve.

Channel Steel is in the shape of a “C” with two legs connected to a flat surface. Most metal buildings have utilized C-Channel Steel in some way. The benefits of steel channel make it a very popular profile for structural projects and even in automotive situations such as the fabrication or repair of flatbed trailers and box trailers.

Mid-Island Steel can serve as your industrial metal supply in New York. Our inventory of steel and access to metal products can make your work much easier. If you need channel steel plain, primed or even galvanized, get in touch to learn how we can help.


Channel Steel