What Are Steel Pipe Bollards?

Steel pipe bollards are used around the world as a way of protecting people and assets. They are often used for traffic control and security, for example in front of government buildings and military bases. They can also be used in front of buildings, stores or even on bridges for the same purpose, to stop vehicles entering an area. Steel pipe bollards are one of the most common forms of protection used, and they can be found around the world.

How Are Steel Pipe Bollards Used?

They are made from steel pipe that is cut to size, painted and then are installed with 2′-3′ of pipe under the ground, the hole filled with concrete and the pipe above ground is then also filled with concrete for added rigidity. When the bollards are installed, they provide a visual and structural barrier which is an important part of preventing the unauthorized entry of both people and/or vehicles. Steel Pipe Bollards can be installed fairly quickly and have very little maintenance necessary besides touch up paint if needed.

Can I Buy Steel Pipe Bollards Near Me

Mid-Island Steel stocks Steel Pipe Bollards. Most common sizes are available in stock. We are also capable of providing plain, primer painted or even galvanized steel pipe bollards if you project requires. Our steel pipe bollards can increase safety in parking lots, parking garages, healthcare facilities, retail and government locations and more. Any lot, large or small can benefit from highly visible pipe bollards. For Steel Bollards in Suffolk or Nassau County, contact us today.

Pipe Steel Bollards