What Are Steel Pipe Bollards?

Steel pipe bollards are used around the world as a way of protecting people and assets. They are often used for traffic control and security, for example in front of government buildings and military bases. They can also be used in front of buildings, stores or even on bridges for the same purpose, to stop vehicles entering an area. Steel pipe bollards are one of the most common forms of protection used, and they can be found around the world.

How Are Steel Pipe Bollards Used?

They are made from steel pipe that is cut to size, painted and then are installed with 2′-3′ of pipe under the ground, the hole filled with concrete and the pipe above ground is then also filled with concrete for added rigidity. When the bollards are installed, they provide a visual and structural barrier which is an important part of preventing the unauthorized entry of both people and/or vehicles. Steel Pipe Bollards can be installed fairly quickly and have very little maintenance necessary besides touch up paint if needed.

Can I Buy Steel Pipe Bollards Near Me

Mid-Island Steel stocks Steel Pipe Bollards. Most common sizes are available in stock. We are also capable of providing plain, primer painted or even galvanized steel pipe bollards if you project requires. Our steel pipe bollards can increase safety in parking lots, parking garages, healthcare facilities, retail and government locations and more. Any lot, large or small can benefit from highly visible pipe bollards. For Steel Bollards in Suffolk or Nassau County, contact us today.

Steel Pipe Bollards Long Island


What are steel pipe bollards?

Steel pipe bollards are sturdy, vertical posts made from steel that are typically used for traffic control and building protection. These bollards are often installed along roadways, in parking lots, and around buildings to prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing certain areas or to protect structures from accidental collisions. Steel pipe bollards are available from Mid-island Steel in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different levels of security and durability requirements. Our steel pipe bollards are typically sold with prime paint on them, but you may paint them safety yellow or or reflective tape on them to increase visibility and provide an extra layer of safety. Steel bollards are a cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting valuable assets and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and property.

Importance of steel pipe bollards in various settings

Steel pipe bollards play a crucial role in ensuring safety, security, and functionality in various settings. Their durability and versatility make them essential for perimeter security, traffic regulation, and enhancing site aesthetics in commercial, industrial, and public spaces.

Bollards are commonly used to establish perimeters around buildings, parking lots, and pedestrian areas, effectively preventing vehicle intrusion and securing property. They also help in guiding and regulating traffic flow in busy areas, making them essential for public safety.

Bollards can also be used to address unique security needs or for aesthetic purposes as well. Steel pipe bollards are indispensable in various settings for their durability, versatility, and role in ensuring perimeter security, traffic regulation, and site aesthetics.

Benefits and Features of Steel Pipe Bollards

Steel pipe bollards are a popular choice for protecting buildings, pedestrians, and vehicles from potential harm. They are versatile, durable, and offer a number of benefits and features that make them a preferred option for safety and security.

Protection for property and pedestrians

Bollards play a critical role in protecting property and pedestrians in various areas. In playgrounds, bollards offer protection from vehicular intrusions, ensuring the safety of children at play. Along footpaths and walkways, bollards serve as traffic guides and also prevent vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian spaces. In utility locations around buildings, bollards guard against potential crash impacts and also provide a layer of security against criminality.

In some areas, there are industry safety requirements for steel bollard placement include adhering to local codes and regulations to ensure proper placement and visibility. Key considerations for choosing bollards in specific areas include size, material, and visibility. Bollards should be strategically placed to meet safety requirements and provide the necessary protection without obstructing the flow of traffic for pedestrians or vehicles.

Overall, bollards are essential for safeguarding against accidental or deliberate crashes and criminal activities, making them a valuable asset in protecting property and pedestrians in various locations.

Bollard Finish options: Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Painted

Finish options for Steel Pipe Bollards include galvanized, stainless steel, and painted finishes. Galvanized steel offers excellent longevity and strength, as it is coated with a protective layer of zinc, making it highly resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes it a great choice for outdoor environments and areas with high moisture or saltwater exposure. On the other hand, stainless steel is known for its resistance to rust and corrosion, making it a suitable option for marine or coastal applications. It also offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. Painted steel, while providing a wide range of color options, may require regular touch-ups and maintenance to prevent corrosion and peeling. Additionally, painted finishes may not hold up as well in harsh environments. When choosing a finish for Steel Pipe Bollards, it’s important to consider the specific application and the level of exposure to environmental elements to ensure optimal longevity and performance.

Structural grade steel for enhanced strength

Steel pipe bollards are commonly used for protecting buildings, pedestrians, and equipment from vehicle or forklift collisions. By using structural grade steel, the strength of these bollards is significantly increased, providing enhanced protection in high-traffic areas.

The use of structural grade steel in bollards enhances their impact resistance and durability, making them more effective in diverting or stopping vehicles or forklifts from causing damage. This type of steel has been specifically designed and tested to withstand high levels of stress and pressure, ensuring that the bollards can effectively protect against impacts. Its high impact resistance and durability make it a reliable choice for safeguarding buildings, pedestrians, and equipment in various environments.

Steel Pipe Bollard Supply Long Island

Mid-island Steel offers a wide range of steel pipe bollard options for property protection, traffic management, and pedestrian safety. With a focus on durability and strength, these steel pipe bollards are a reliable solution for safeguarding environments from vehicle impact and ensuring the safety of pedestrians. If you need steel pipe bollard supply on Long Island, we provide quality bollards that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic. Whether for commercial, industrial, or municipal use, our products are built to last and uphold the highest safety standards.

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