Expanded Metal is very useful and can serve many purposes. Expanded metal can be both functional and aesthetic. Some typical uses for expanded metal are:

Security Panels – Expanded metal can be used for door or window security panels. With custom steel fabrication you can have a hinged panel that opens and closes and locks to prevent intruders.

Machinery Guards –  You can create screen walls with expanded metal to prevent people from entering unsafe areas. This can include shop machinery guards that can prevent damage to the machinery and can also prevent human injury.

Flooring / Treads – Expanded Metal can be used as flooring in areas where the strength of steel is necessary, but weight needs to be kept low. Expanded metal can be used for stair treads, trailer beds, access platforms and walkways

Shelving – If you’re looking to build custom shelves you can utilize expanded metal to keep the weight of the shelving down without compromising on the shelf’s strength.

Custom Workboxes – Expanded Metal can be used to create custom storage or toolboxes. Using expanded metal allows for the security of steel, while still allowing dust and dirt to escape. This is helpful in utility trailers and other industrial or commercial industries.

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Expanded Metal