Steel lintels are typically made from galvanized steel, either I-Beams, channel or angle. They can be cut to custom lengths and be galvanized, painted or plain finish. Steel has an advantage over other lintel options because the lintels are typically stronger and lighter than other options, so they are less complicated to deal with on a jobsite. Steel lintels can be implemented and designed so that they are not noticeable over the opening which they support. Steel lintels can also be rolled so they can provide support to curved openings such as large windows, bay windows, etc.

Steel angles are the most common type of steel lintel, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Because they are a flat plate that is either a single angle or a double angle, they are a common form of bracing in roofs and walls, as well as in bridges and other structures. The function of this steel angle is to create a rigid connection between two pieces of wood or steel, and they are used as a result of this functional purpose.

Mid-Island Steel can provide you with virtually any size angle iron lintels. The advantage to steel lintels is maximum strength with minimum disruption to the work area. We can custom fabricate your brick lintels based upon your designs or our own. Angle iron lintels have the trust of contractors as they provide incredible lintel strength when supporting the load above lintels used.

Single angle lintels are typically stocked, as these are a traditional lintel. Mid-Island Steel is also able to custom fabricate double angle lintels in a range of sizes. When you reach the point of external construction consider us to supply all your lintel solutions, including raw, primed, painted or even galvanized lintels.