Are you looking for a reliable, honest and friendly welding shop on Long Island? Look no further than Mid-Island Steel. We offer structural, ornamental and custom steel fabrication and welding services. We service all of Long Island New York and sometimes New York City and the tri-state area. There’s many “welders” on the island with the basic knowledge of welding, but if you need structural steel welder and fabricator services in Suffolk or Nassau County, we can help.

Our 33,000 sq ft metal fabrication facility offers high-quality steel and iron services. Our welding capabilities are second to none because we have a team of expert welders and fabricators. Most of which have decades of experience. Even our junior welder and fabricator employees are brought to us by accredited training facilities. All of our welders are American Welding Society certified welders. Our fabricators are trained to be experts in Mig, Tig Stick and Flux-Core welding per their job descriptions. We also use high quality welding equipment such as Miller, Lincoln and Hobart welders. The combination of the right experience or training and well maintained machinery allows us to outperform other Long Island welder and fabricator shops.

All of our welders and fabricators are expected to become certified by The American Welders Society. The American Welders Society (AWS) is a national trade association that sets standards for welding that are recognized by the federal government. To become certified, our welders are required to pass an examination. This ensures the steel products and services we provide are expert level, every time. Our welders and fabricators are also expected to act professionally. The American Welders Society (AWS) Code of Ethics is the foundation of the entire AWS Certification program. The code of ethics requires that all certified welders, on or off the job, act in the best interest of the public. Our fabricators are nationally accredited and also must adhere to our own welding processes and standards.

Any fabrication or Long Island welding performed by Mid-Island Steel follows a specific order of operations and specific welding processes. Our fabricators are trained to measure twice, cut one. Then measure and lay out the proper placement of their steel plates or fittings. Prep the material with a grinder to ensure maximum penetration. And then finally weld the fittings with the proper machine, wire and specs per the details. We then add the finishing such as primer or paint. And finally we mark the member to allow for easy organizing, loading and erecting by other companies. These are our specific welding procedures which keep our welding services at the highest standards.

Whatever your Long Island welder and fabricator needs may be, contact the experts. We’re more than just the “welding shop near me” type of option. We have over 40 years of experience and that is due to our high level of customer satisfaction. Expert service, fair prices and a customer satisfaction focused team, that’s us. Give Mid-Island Steel a call to discuss your welding project today!


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