Architectural Steel Joists are the the main structural elements that hold up the floor of a building. These joists typically run the length of the building and serve as the primary support for the floors above. Steel joists are important in commercial construction because they allow for increased steel spans in buildings and larger homes. Steel joists are used in residential and commercial construction to increase the strength and flexibility of commercial buildings and home construction. Steel joist help to support the spans of larger open spaces.

There are many different industries that rely on steel joists to support their structures, but they are most commonly found in the construction of buildings. Steel joists can be made of various grades of steel, including structural steel, and then used in buildings and sometimes larger homes. Typically, steel decking material is supported by joists.

Mid-Island Steel is able to provide both heavy and lighter joist. Whether you are in need of steel bar joists, standard steel joists or custom joist girders, get in touch. Depending upon your project, we can supply steel joist girders from dozens of joist manufacturers and in some cases we’ve even fabricated custom steel joist.

Get in touch today to see how we can be of service as your bar joist supply or standard steel joist supplier. From individual steel joists to a full scale commercial project, we’ve got you covered.