Pro Custom Metal Fabrication services in Long Island

If you are thinking about Custom Metal Fabrication for your future project here in Long Island, please remember Mid-Island Steel. We are centrally located on Long Island in Medford, New York. Mid-Island Steel is a 30,000 sq ft structural steel fabrication corporation. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. Mid-Island Steel is capable of producing many residential steel products including flitch plates, pipe columns, header beams, i-beams as well as decorative steel such as gates, railings, stairways and much more.

For commercial steel fabrication jobs, Mid-Island Steel is very capable as well. Mid-Island Steel has fabricated large structures including medical facilities, retail stores, apartment complexes and many other larger scale projects. Mid-Island Steel uses SDS/2 software to manage most of our steel production work. This helps to increase productivity while reducing down time and waste. We also have large scale CNC Production Machinery including our Peddinghaus FPB-1800 Plasma Plate Processing machine that can both plasma cut plate as well as punch holes. We also have a tandem drill and bandsaw line, the Peddinghaus PCD-1100. This machine is capable of drilling six various hole diameters in one pass while also cutting materials to length. The Peddinghaus PCD-1100 can process Beams, Channel, Angle, Pipe and even plates. All of Mid-Island Steel’s work comes with true CNC Precision.

Please contact Mid-Island Steel if you need any New York Steel Fabrication Services. We are heavily qualified and also heavily equipped! For Long Island Steel Fabrication, contact us today!

Custom Metal Fabrication in Long Island